Sweatcoin Legit Or Scam: The App That Pays You To Walk!

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Get free money to walk? Sounds a little too good to be true. I decided to test out this app for myself to see if Sweatcoin is really legit or a scam.

I wanted to come from a completely unbiased standpoint to see what would really happen when I used the app. Would I make any Sweatcoins? Could I really cash them in for prizes? See my results below!

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What Is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is an app that was released by a company called SweatCo in 2014. It was founded by two entrepreneurs living in the UK. Every time you walk/run, the app tracks your steps and then rewards you in Sweatcoins. The Sweatcoins can then be redeemed for offers.

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Is It Legit?

Yes, Sweatcoin is 100% legit from a business standpoint. Sweatcoin is also completely safe to use. You will earn Sweatcoins when you walk and they can then be converted into cash/items or offers.

With that said, is this your ticket to financial freedom? No, we need to be realistic here, we aren’t going to be making $1000s. However, it’s promoting fitness and if you can make a little bit of extra cash here and there for doing something that you already do then that’s a win in my mind.

How Does It Work?

1. Download The App

First, you need to download the free app. It’s available for both smartphone and Andriod. Click here to download.

2. Earn

Get Walking!

The main way to earn Sweatcoins is to walk and/or run. So get out there and start getting fit! To be honest, this is what I like most about the app. It encourages its users to get more active.

One thing to note. Some users report missing Sweatcoins after walking far distances. Usually, the issue is that the app isn’t open. In order for the app to track your steps, you must leave it open (don’t force quit either). From my experience, it hasn’t drained my battery so I rarely notice that it’s open and running.

Also, Sweatcoins cannot be earned on stationary exercise equipment like treadmills. You can only earn them by physically walking in a straight line.

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Daily Bonuses

Sweatcoin offers Daily Bonuses so you can earn even more! If you collect the daily bonus 3 days in a row you get 4 Sweatcoins.

3. Cashing In Sweatcoins

Once you’ve accumulated enough Sweatcoins you can cash them in 2 ways:

Daily Offers

This is the easiest way to cash in your Sweatcoins. Offers range from 5 – 1000 coins and vary by region. Some offers are good some are alright, make sure you read the fine print before cashing in! One that I’m currently interested in is a premium subscription to Pandora Music for 3 months for only 5 Sweatcoins.

Marathon Offers

These are the offers that take a long time to cash in on. All of these offers take 20,000 Sweatcoins which would take an average of 3 years to accumulate. However, given that the app is older than 3 years there are likely some users who have cashed in on these this year.

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What is 1 Sweatcoin Worth?

This is not a simple question, nor can I give you a simple answer. However, I’ll try and make this as clear as possible.

The more Sweatcoins you earn the higher their value becomes.

For example, let’s take the biggest prize; $1000 Paypal cash for 20,000 Sweatcoins. That means that 1 Sweatcoin is worth $0.05 (1000/20,000).

Now let’s look at some of my daily offers:

Dog Bandanas valued at $10.99 in exchange for 500 Sweatcoins. In this exchange, 1 Sweatcoin is worth $0.02 (10.99/500).

Phone Cases valued at $40 in exchange for 1000 Sweatcoins. That means in this exchange, 1 Sweatcoin is worth $0.04 (40/1000).

As you can see the Sweatcoin’s value ranges depending on the offer. The best value you will receive will come from the long term offers. If you’re unsure if an offer is worth it or not, do the calculation I did above before accepting it!

Start Earning Now!

How Far Do You Have To Walk To Earn 1 Sweatcoin?

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Roughly, you will earn 0.95 Sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps you take (give or take). Remember the app must be open and running for you to earn the coins. If you have an apple watch I highly recommend downloading the app there as well.

Important Sweatcoin Membership Levels

If you’re someone who likes to pack in the steps, you can change your subscription within the app to earn more! Currently, there are 4 levels (soon to be 5) Note you can try each level free for the first 30 days:

Mover (Default)

This is the default subscription which is free. Under this subscription, you can only earn 5 Sweatcoins a day or 150 Sweatcoins a month by walking. This is around 5,260 steps/day or 157,900 Steps a Month (avg. 30 days).

Shaker – Costs 4.75 SweatCoins/Month

To become a Shaker it will cost you 4.75 Sweatcoins a month (which is quite low). Under this subscription model, you can earn up to 10 Sweatcoins a day or 300 Sweatcoins per month. This is around 10,500 steps per day or 315,800 per month.

Quaker – Costs 20 Sweatcoins/Month

If you’re a serious walker this subscription level is for you. Quaker costs 20 Sweatcoins a month but lets you earn 15 Sweatcoins a day or up to 450 per month. That’s around 15,800 steps a day or 473,700 Steps a month.

Breaker – Costs 30 Sweatcoins/ Month

With the final level you will be a breaker where you can earn 20 Sweatcoins a day or 600 Sweatcoins a month. That’s 21,000 daily steps or 631,600 steps every month. This level is for the serious walker/runner.

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How Many Sweatcoins I Made

I’m going to be honest, I’m not super active outside and I also learned the hard way that I needed to have the app open to collect the coins. After my first month of using the app, I made a total of around 100 Sweatcoins. Which means I’ve made anywhere from $2 to $5 (depending on if a Sweatcoin is worth $0.01 or $0.05).

The fact that I’ve done nothing out of my normal routine and have made up to $5 is pretty darn good to me! Yes, this isn’t an app that will make you $1000’s but that’s $5 I didn’t have before!

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Learning Tips

  • Make sure the app is open when you’re walking
  • Walk outside! You cannot earn Sweatcoins by walking on a treadmill
  • Assess if you need a higher membership level based on how many steps you walk each day
  • Check the app for daily offers (the good ones sell out fast)
  • Do all the daily bonuses

Final Thoughts

This is not the app that will give you financial freedom however it is an app that will legitimately pay you to walk! Overall I highly recommend this app. It’s easy to use and there are always new offers you can cash in on! Why not make an extra buck or two doing something you already do and that’s also good for you!

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