27 US & Canadian Cities Giving Out Free Land in 2019

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It’s 2019 and free land is nearly impossible to come by, gone are the days of the Homestead Act. So what are your options?

The good news is that many smaller towns across the US and Canada are actually still offering land for free, or at an extremely low cost. I get it, nothing in life is free, so what’s the catch. The land comes with some strings attached, but they’re extremely easy to abide by.

Why are the US and Canada Giving Away Free Land?

If you’re anything like me, you’re likely wondering why these cities want to give away their land, especially given the current value of the property. Many of these towns are doing it as a way to reinvigorate the economy. The goal is for growth and by giving away cheaper land, it offers an incentive for people to move to the area. It also encourages people to buy locally and helps get the city back up on its feet.

US Cities Giving Out Free/Cheap Land

Free Land In New York State

There’s one large city in New York state that’s currently offering free land:

1.Buffalo, New York

For the past four decades, Buffalo has offered an Urban Homestead Program, where they’re giving away land for $1. There are three different types of land available:

  1. Vacant Lot Next To An Existing Residence
  2. Vacant Lot For New Home Construction
  3. Rehabilitation Of An Existing Residential Structure

Each option has its own contingencies, for example, you must prove that you can financially support the construction or renovation of your home and abide by strict construction timelines.

After a high-level review, however, all requirements seem both fair and attainable. In addition, owning property for $1 in Buffalo is a STEAL.

Check out the program here: Urban Homestead Program

Free Land In Texas

2.La Villa, TX

La Villa is a tiny town located in the southernmost corner of Texas State. They started a free land program back in 2004, but, it was halted due to infrastructure restrictions. However, now after making significant improvements to the city and it’s capacity, they recently just released 20 new lots that are available to the public!

The minimum square footage of the property must be 1,200 square ft and you must prove you have the proper financing in place for the build. To learn more about this opportunity see the link below.

Click here to learn more about this free land opportunity in La Villa

Free Land In Colorado

There are two cities in Colorado that are offering free land! Here’s where they’re located:

3. Flagler, Colorado

Business owners this one’s for you!

Flagler Colorado is a small town 2 hours outside of Denver. The city acquired 480 acres of land that they’re currently looking to give away to businesses or industry for free. The amount of acreage you can receive depends on how many jobs your business provides to the town.

Even though this town is small, as their website boasts, they have an excellent school system, an airport just south of the town, 3 new wells, churches, libraries, a golf course, and the list goes on!

Check out this offer here: Flagler Colorado Land Incentive Program

4. Agate, CO

Agate Colorado is a communal co-op. The founders of the co-op are giving away 60 acres of free property to potential buyers. 20 – 30 people have already accepted the offer but they’re still looking for more.

This land would be part of the co-op and must be used for agricultural purposes. The land is free however, you must give the co-op a portion of your crop or a small percentage of your profit from the land on a monthly basis.

If this sounds like an awesome opportunity please contact the owners:

Aaron Brachfeld or Mary Choate at 720-295-5275 Email: meadowlarkcolorado@gmail.com

Free Land In Nebraska

Nebraska has a couple of great towns currently offering free land! Here’s a map showing where all these cities are located:

5. Curtis, Nebraska

Curtis Nebraska, situated 4 hours out from Omaha is currently offering free lots of land to those that are willing to construct a single-family home in a specified time period. All lots have utilities and are completely paved. They are also offering commercial and industrial land for free.

Check out this offer here: Curtis Economic Development Opportunity

6. Beatrice, Nebraska

The town of Beatrice Nebraska is located 1.5 hours out of Omaha. It’s an established city with a population of 13,000 and lots of history. In 2010 Beatrice decided to enact their own Homesteading Act. This act offers applicants the opportunity to acquire a piece of land if they build a home on the land within twelve months. You must also use it as your primary residence for five years.

There are currently no lots available however keep checking their website. As this is a formal Act that’s currently in place, more lots can come up for offer.

To see more about this free land: Beatrice Homestead Act of 2010

7. Loup City, Nebraska

Located 3 hours outside of Omaha, Loup City is a tiny town, offering free land to anyone who is willing to build a home in their John Subdivision. There are 6 lots up for grabs, which will be offered to candidates that match the criteria.

In addition, candidates can be eligible for 20,000 in down payment assistance.

Learn More About Loup City: John Subdivision

8. Elwood Nebraska

Elwood Nebraska, located 3 hours away from Omaha is a quaint little town giving away free land in their Wheatfield Addition neighborhood. The houses are located close to schools, swimming pools, and parks. Construction must take place within the first year of acquiring the land. The home also must be occupied within 2 years.

As an extra incentive, Elwood is offering a payment assistance program to the residence of this new neighborhood. They are willing to give you 10% of the value of your home up to $25,000 once completed.

To learn more about this free land see here: Elwood Nebraska Free Homes

Cheap Land In Maryland

One of Maryland’s largest city’s is currently offering incentives to purchase land:

9. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore isn’t offering free land, however, they are offering incentives to buy there. Given the cheaper houses costs in the area, these incentives can make a huge difference when buying a starter home!


  1. Buying Into Baltimore – You can receive $5000 towards buying a new home anywhere in Baltimore. To see the conditions to qualify, click here: Buying Into Baltimore
  2. Vacants To Value – Eligible homebuyers can receive up to $10,000 that will go towards the closing costs of their *formerly vacant* new home. To learn more about the conditions involved see here: Vacants To Value

Free Land In Alaska

If you like the wilderness and tranquility, Alaska could be the place for you! There is currently one city giving away free land:

10. Anderson, Alaska

With a population of 300, Anderson is definitely secluded. Nearest food and Gas is 20 miles away. However, with that said, as an incentive to bring people into the town they started to give away free land in 2007. It’s unclear if this land is still available however based on online chats, it appears the original offer was a flop. Therefore, chances are, the land is likely still available. I would call the City Of Anderson if you’re looking for additional information on this particular offer.

Anderson Alaska City Council Website

Cheap Land In Ohio

If you’re looking for farmland, Ohio is calling your name! Here is the National Park that is currently offering free land:

11. Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio

Valleys, hiking trails, wildlife and more, what else could you want! Cuyahoga National Park is offering 60-year leases to live and farm in the park. This offer doesn’t come around often, so it’s quite unique. I should also mention, you don’t need any farming experience.

The land is not free, you will be required to pay $500 – $1,000 per month to live in a house within the park. However, given this unique opportunity, $6,000 – $12,000 a year in “rent” is quite affordable.

To learn more about this offer see here: Countryside Initiative

Free Land In Iowa

There are two little towns in Iowa currently offering free land that are located here:

12. Marne, Iowa

Marne Iowa, which is located 45 minutes from Omaha and an hour out of Des Moines is a quaint little town with a population of 115. It’s part of the Atlantic Community School District, full of parks, community spaces, and charm! They are currently offering lots that are 80ft by 120 ft.

To apply click here: Marne Free Lots

13. Manila, Iowa

Manila is currently offering free homes in their Sunrise Addition Phase II. There are 16 family lots available at no cost to qualifying people. All lots are located on paved streets, utilities on site, a 5 year 100% tax abatement, and the list goes on!

Check out the free land in Manila here: Manila, Iowa

Free Land In Kansas

Kansas has proven to be the state with the most land opportunities. With 6 cities offering real estate it’s the place to be if you’re looking for free land:

14. Mankato Kansas

Mankato, located in the Northern part of Kansas state is a small town of 900 people. They are currently offering free land in their Johnson addition. Given that they are 26 lots available that are in close proximity to a school, restaurants and a hospital this land is a steal! In addition, construction on the land must commence within 6 months of acquiring the property and must be completed within 2 years.

Click here to learn more about Mankato

15. Marquette, Kansas

Marquette is a small town located an hour out of Wichita. Even though they only have a population of 600, they have a great education system, recreation programs, day care facilities, fitness center, and the list goes on!

Click here to apply and learn more!

16. Osborne, Kansas

Osborne Kansas is offering free residential and business lots to the public in hopes of growing both the city and their economy. The city is serviced by the Kyle Railroad and also has a municipal airport.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity

17. Plainville, Kansas

Located 3 hours outside of Wichita, Plainville is a small town currently offering free residential lots to the public. Located next to Plainville Township Lake, it’s a great place to settle down! It’s also 23 miles out from Hayes airport.

The city requests that you meet the city council in person when you apply or close after. The county also offers a Neighbourhood Revitalization Plan that gives new homeowners rebates on property taxes. Property owners receive at least 50% of property tax savings over a 10 year period.

To learn more about this free land opportunity click here

18. Lincoln, Kansas

A small but beautiful town located in the northern part of Kansas state, Lincoln is offering free residential land in their new subdivision. The subdivision is located close to a school and is walking distance from downtown and the local golf course.

Lincoln is a safe town that’s perfect for settling down with a family! Its also has a lot of history being founded in the 1800s.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity

19. Tribune, Kansas

Business owners wanted!

Tribune Kansas is offering free land for commercial and industrial businesses. Firstly, a business plan must be presented to the City council along with demonstrating that the business will create new job opportunities for residents. If this sounds like your business click below for this opportunity!

Tribune Free Commercial & Industrial Land Offer

Cheap Land In Minnesota

There are two great cities in Minnesota currently offering free land to the public!

20. New Richland, Minnesota

New Richland, located an hour and a half outside of Minneapolis is a small town offering free residential property in their Homestake Subdivision. It has a population of 1200, has schools, a golf course and all the amenities of a small town.

You must build your home within 1 year of being deeded the land. The total cost of construction is estimated to be $25,000 however through the use of Tax Increment Financing the cost is estimated to be reduced to $14,000.

To learn more about this free land in New Richland click here

21. Harmony, Minnesota

The second small town in Minnesota that’s offering cheap land is Harmony! This town has a population of 1000 and is located 2 hours outside of Minneapolis. They are currently offering the public a variety of cash rebates for homebuyers in their city. For Example, you can receive a cash rebate ranging from $5,000 – $12,000 depending on the property’s market value.

To learn more about this cash rebate click here

Free Land In Maine

22. Camden, Maine

Camden, Maine is a gorgeous little town located right on the water. With a population of close to 5,000, Camden is surrounded by beautiful parks and hiking trails. Recently, locals have poured a million dollars into cleaning up the waterfront and in the process, transformed an Old Tannery into lots that are now being sold to potential business owners.

You must purchase a lot upfront however if you’re able to create 24 new jobs for the town within the first 5 years of acquiring the land, the city will refund the purchase price. They also offer tax and insurance breaks.

To learn more contact Mathew Eddy at 207-236-3353 or email MEddy@eatonpeabody.com

Cheap Land In Connecticut

23. New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven Connecticut is one of the largest cities on this list that’s currently offering cheap land. With a population of 130,000 New Haven is the second-largest municipality in the state.

New Haven is offering financial assistance to first time home buyers to bring more people into the city and it’s an offer worth considering. A total of $80,000 is being given away including a $10,000 forgivable loan for first-time buyers, money to put towards your renovations and free college tuition.

To learn more about this offer, see this article

Cheap Land In Wyoming

24. State of Wyoming

The entire state of Wyoming offers a Federal Rehabilitation and Acquisition Program that utilizes stimulus money to purchase rehabilitated and abandoned homes. The goal of the program is to get more people into these refurbished lots. They are sold to the public at extremely low cost and include lower interest rates. You must be a US citizen and a resident of Wyoming to qualify for this program.

To learn more about this federal program click here

Government Programs

25. US Government Programs

The US government has various programs in place to help first-time homebuyers purchase a home. The program qualifications range depending on your age, economic situation, income, heritage, etc. To learn more about these programs and their offerings click below:

US Government Programs That Help Homebuyers

Canadian Towns Offering Free Land

New Brunswick

The only province in Canada currently offering land for $1!

26. McAdam, New Brunswick

McAdam, NB is one of the only towns in Canada currently offering land for only $1. As a way to rejuvenate the economy, they are offering 16 residential lots for single-family homes. As of January 2019, they have found 11 out of 16 suitable buyers. McAdam is a small town full of personality and charm, if you’re tired of the big city rat race, this is the place for you!

The homes must be constructed within 2 years of obtaining the lot. You must make a performance payment of $2,500 when obtaining the lot however you will be refunded if all conditions have been met. To learn more see the link below:

Home Building Lots in McAdam For $1!


27. Yukon, Canada

The Yukon is one of Canada’s Federal Territories located beside Alaska.

The Yukon, one of Canada’s territories, that boasts beautiful landscapes, sprawling forests and of course the northern lights. Located right beside Alaska, the Yukon currently offers free land to those who are willing to farm it. There are, however, a variety of conditions that must be met to receive this land, but, this is still an on-going program.

To learn more click here

Bonus: Perks For RV’s!

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If owning land isn’t for you and you’ve gone the RV route there are ways you can camp for free!

  1. There are multiple RV sites across the county where you can park for free. When you’re planning a future trip, google sites in the area
  2. Places like: Truck Stops, Walmart, Crackle Barrel, Churches, RV dealers, etc typically allow you to park for free, however, ask permission before parking

That’s everything! After reading through this comprehensive list, I hope you’ve been able to find something that piques your interest! Who knows, maybe 2019 will be the year YOU acquire free land!

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save money, save money tips, save money on land, free land, free land 2019, free land USA, free land canada, free land for homesteading, homesteading 2019, how to get free land, balancing that budget, finance blog
save money, save money tips, save money on land, free land, free land 2019, free land USA, free land canada, free land for homesteading, homesteading 2019, how to get free land, balancing that budget, finance blog

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